Games done right!

Headquartered in the heart of Helsinki, Finland, Combo Breaker is an independent game developer working with passion on mobile, console and PC games. Our motto is "Games done right" reflecting our prioritisation of clean, top notch audiovisual execution to create exciting gameplay experiences.

Combo Breaker was co-founded in 2015 by Game industry veterans from legendary Finnish studios such as Remedy and Next Games. In 2015 we joined forces with Jon Hare, formerly of Sensible Software and now head of Tower Studios.

Today Combo Breaker is developing games for multiple platforms in partnership with world class publishers from LA, London & Beijing.

As a company Combo Breaker is now entering a new phase of development and expanding and hiring to become a more established name within the Finnish Games Industry roster.

We welcome you to join us!

The Team

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  • Team meeting

    Awesome People, working hard


  • Sociabble Soccer 2021

    Sociable Soccer 2020

  • Sociable Soccer

    Dream Soccer


Game Programmers

Following Sociable Soccer's success on Apple Arcade and the Chinese mobile market we are expanding development to PC, Playstation, XBox and Switch versions. Our development needs are also growing and we seek programmers and experienced lead or senior programmers which is based all over Europe via remote working, with offices in the UK and Helsinki, Finland. Strong Unity & C# skills required.